Meet the Examiners


We are lucky that we have three Examiners that live within our  area and work closely with the Group. We have regular meetings with the Examiners, Tutors and Members to discuss questions and points of view on specific matters to eliminate problems further down the line. So often have we heard one Examiner likes it this way, and another a different way. We only examine from the syllabus in ‘Road Craft’ and nothing else, which we believe is the correct way to do things.

Please check our Calendar if you want to come along and quiz the Examiners over any questions you may have.

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Mark Furnival 

I am a founder member of this Group and a Police Class 1 motorcyclist. I started examining for the IAM in 2017, then for RoSPA in 2018. As Chairman of the Group, my allegiance is now to RoSPA only. I am passionate about improving road safety by helping to improve riding standards. My career in the Police, particularly on Road’s Policing, took me to many serious collisions over my service. As a biker since the age of 17, I believe that RoSPA teaches the best standard of riding with the penultimate reward being the coveted ‘Gold’ award. The highest civilian riding standard in the UK. 

I also coach riders for Rapid Training.  

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Iain Begg

I joined Lancashire Constabulary in 1980 and attended my Standard Driving Course in 1982. It was like the fog had lifted that first day in the car when the Instructor gave a demo drive. Following that Initial Car Course I completed Intermediate Car, Advanced Car, Standard Motorcycle and Advanced Motorcycle Courses.

I went on bikes full time in 1987 and remained a full time biker until my retirement in 2010.

I joined RoSPA as an examiner for cars and motorcycles in 1998.

I currently ride a BMW R1200GSA which does everything I want (and more..........probably).

On test I expect a Systematic, Safe and Smooth ride with a positive approach to making, or demonstrating a willingness to make, progress if the circumstances allow. A RoSPA ‘GOLD’ is waiting for anyone that can provide that.

I'm also a coach for Rapid Training


John Duckworth

I am a Police Class 1 motorcyclist and car driver, having spent over 15 years as a Traffic Officer and Accident Investigator. I have been involved with various motorcycle training organisations over a period of 40 years.

I am a great believer in riders and drivers taking responsibility for their own safety and not relying on other road users to “do the right thing”.

On test I would expect a safe, smooth systematic ride or drive, with progress where safe and appropriate. I would also expect to see good observations and positive action in anticipation of potentially dangerous developments ahead.