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I am Martyn Hanson and I have been a biker since I was 14.

My dad bought me a BSA C15 250 to mess around in the fields behind his work, after it nearly broke my shin kicking it over, I fell in love with two wheels.


I left school at 16 and messed about for a year on a Yamaha FS1e, after which I was given an ultimatum, get a job or get out! I joined the Army on my 17th birthday and never looked back. Over the years I’ve owned every make and most models on two wheels, from superbikes to plodders, trials to enduro.

I've travelled the world on two wheels, Africa, America, Asia, Iceland and most countries in Europe, you name it, I’ve been there, and it’s so much better on two wheels!

In addition to being a RoSPA Group Tutor I hold an IAM National Observer qualification as teaching motorcycling gives me such a buzz, watching people find that ‘lightbulb’ moment is what makes tutoring such a joy.