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Personal Data belonging to members of the Group will be held centrally via our software provider MemberMojo and access will be via the Membership Secretary. The Data and Backups are stored and managed securely via encryption in the UK. This data will only be available to other members of the Group by request when needed to support the operation of the Group. An example of this would be when the Training Manager is scheduling training and details need to be passed to a Tutor.

No member of the Group has the authority to use such Personal Data for personal reasons or release data outside of the Group unless the Group is provided with a Court Order or Warrant from the appropriate authorities.

Any Personal Data relating to a member leaving the Group will be deleted or destroyed after 12 months of leaving the Group. It is the responsibility of the Membership Secretary to delete / manage all of the Groups data and a review will be completed at least every 3 months. The Chairman and Secretary will act as backup for the Membership Secretary should the need arise.

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